Holiday memoirs of our guests – Vodice with a toddler

I’ve spent my holidays in Vodice, in Paradis Apartments several times. In 2014 we’ve decided to go there with our 11 month son (!). Initially, we were full of second thoughts, wondering how is it going to be. Fortunately, they all turned out to be unnecessary. Above all, the little One didn’t mind the car journey from Poland at all (we split the road for two days with a hotel stay in Austria). Immediately on arrivel Our son began his holidays, even before we managed to unpack ourselves by demanding a visit to the pool. You have to be careful though and apply suntan oil frequently as the Croatian sun is pretty strong, even in September.

Three weeks we spent there passed fast and without any problems, and we really enjoyed the fact of travelling by car. For people, who like to sightsee, Vodice is really great as it is in a great spot for shorter and longer trips, especially to the Krk National Park. We also made a trip to Zadar (wonderful water organs!!!) Plitvice National Bark (marvelous!!) and other pictureque places like Primosten. We decided to avoid the strongest sun by travelling and sightseeing until 15.00 or by the pool in the shadow playing with the baby and after that we want to the beach. The beaches of Vodice are rocky but, the positive aspect is that the passage to water in the area is easy, our son managed to crawl into water by himselg several times under our supervision. We bought the little one beach shoes for the rocky surface, they are available in Vodice even for 11 month old children (they are very useful and…. cute – Young moms will understand what i mean!)

Our son came back tanned, he learned how to walk up and down the stairs during the stay and he threw rocks into water (endless times) and most importantly HE SWAM IN THE SEA!!!! (we were taking him to a swimming pool since he was 6 weeks old) As I look over the photos now, he is smiling on all pictures we have from Vodice!

I recommend a stay there, I think, also in my little son’s name!